End-to-end management and sales

BiomassProtein™ delivers end-to-end turn-key projects and facility management agreements for managing ​BiomassProtein™ plant protein factories.


Building a new factory

Before building a new plant protein factory in a specific area, we will - as part of our deliverables - carefully analyze the business potential. We depend on future revenue as well as the new investors do.

Once the business potential has been verified, local biomass farmers have committed to deliver quality raw materials, and investors have committed to fund the factory, the construction work will begin.

The BiomassProtein™ project team will deliver on budget and on-time, because we will be delivering almost identical factories in different geographical areas.


BiomassProtein™ will hire, train and manage the local staff as part of the franchise agreement with the factory, and will offer 24/7 technical support inclusive technical monitoring to the local staff. 


In order to uphold a lean organization and maximize the sales price, all protein produced from all factories is sold via the BiomassProtein™ Global Sales Office.