​CSR is key for investors and lenders...

BiomassProtein™ has received funding from a list of private investors and lenders. These lenders are willing to talk to new investors and convey their background and arguments for investing in BiomassProtein™. 

Most arguments for investing in BiomassProtein™ falls into the following categories:


Most corporations realize that classic capitalism profit optimizations is not the way forward. Employees and consumers are driving the trend towards social responsibility, and many investors follow through. 

Consumer push​

Consumes become more and more aware of what they are eating, and the trend towards substituting or supplementing animal protein, is a global trend, that investors are very aware of.


The UN – among many others - is driving the trend towards sustainability in everything we do. 

Investors are looking for sustainable companies to invest in –  BiomassProtein™ is a good choice.