Improving milk yield with 5-10%

The promise to the milk farmers receiving the “pulp” (pressed, chopped grass) from the process is (a) a similar silage quality, compared to what they have today and (b) a potential milk yield increase of +5%.

Resent research Protein value and degradation characteristics of pulp fibre fractions from screw pressed grass, clover, and Lucerne demonstrated that pulp from twin-screw pressing of white clover, red clover, lucerne, and perennial ryegrass has a protein concentration and value for ruminants, which is similar to the original plant material.

Similarly, initial research in Denmark (source in Danish) (additional research is ongoing) with 36 Holstein cows demonstrated that the milk yield (ECM) rose from 33,5 kg/day to 37,0 kg/day, when feeding cows with silage from the twin-screw protein-extraction-process.​​