​'sustainability' is key for our customers...

The unique BiomassProtein™ product properties are essential for both food and animal feed manufactures interested in providing sustainable and probiotic characteristics to their customers.

Animal feed​

Animal feed producers of monogastric animals (with one stomach) are BiomassProtein™ customers:


Research has shown that the color of eggs and chicken meat can be influenced via the feed.


Recent research has shown that grass protein can provide a slightly darker meat quality and no difference in taste


Research for how to implement BiomassProtein™ I feed for carnivore, omnivore and herbivore is still ongoing

Food companies​

​Many food companies are pursuing plant proteins because there is a major push from consumers and retail. 

One example comes from the second largest (after Wallmart) retailer in the US; Target

“By the end of 2018, we will create a nationally recognized on-pack PLANT PROTEIN label in the US, indicating the amount of protein in consumer packaged goods”

Lisa Boyd | Director, Wellness Strategy | www.target.com | NYSE: TGT