World class sailing...​

"49er Team Niko and Smil"Fullsails4life consists of Nikolaj (Crew) and Mads Emil (Helmsman) from the Royal Danish Yacht Club.

At the World Championships in 2018 in Aarhus, the team qualified Denmark for the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020. In 2019/2020 their goals are to become top 3 at the World Championships in New Zealand and Australia, and to qualify for The Olympic Games 2020, winning a medal.

Smil says: “Sailing is a complex sport that requires many different skills to perform at top level. Sailing is physically and mentally demanding, which is why it is important to develop skills in tactics, strategy, team collaboration, logistics and many other things.

Team collaboration is crucial for optimal performance.
Our cooperation is based on the confidence that we do everything we can to achieve our future goals.
We want to create the best possible workplace for ourselves by:
Pressing boundaries for personal performance and team collaboration, and inspire each other”

... and Nico adds: “By supporting our Olympic campaign financially, we can avoid compromising on the quality of our training and the travel days we find necessary to develop ourselves. At the same time, economic stability creates the peace that the project requires to succeed.”

We are therefore grateful for the support from BiomassProteinTM